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Now, buy your home online.

At Hola Pisos we offer you all the possibilities to find and reserve your home completely online in a few simple steps that we will show you below:

Find your property

Discover the wide variety of properties that we offer by browsing Hola Pisos and find the opportunity you were dreaming of.

Register at Hola Pisos

Register with us now to be able to visit any of our properties and find out about the online reservation process that we offer in more detail.

Reserve your property

You will be able to reserve one of our properties easily and safely, even before you visit it. You just have to accept the legal terms and conditions, make the payment for the reservation and provide your personal details.

If you wish to reserve the property before visiting it, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the reservation.

Request a visit to the property

Select the day and time you would like to visit the property you like most. We will contact you to confirm the visit.

Buying-selling and handing over of keys

Your online purchase process will end with the signing of the public deed before a notary public and the delivery of the keys. Congratulations, now if the property is yours.

Improve your building's energy efficiency!

You can do it with EFFIC. Find out more!

Cut your electricity and gas bills by half

Renovate your building to achieve maximum energy savings.

The European Union (Next Gen) grants subsidize up to 80% of your project.

What's more, we won’t start the work and you won’t have to pay anything until you receive the grant.

Don’t hesitate - renovate!

Comprar casas online en España

We offer you the possibilities to obtain your home.

Hola Pisos is an online platform, whose value proposition is a wide range of real estate product, with a presence throughout the national territory. We own flats, houses, offices, parking lots and storage rooms, both new and second-hand.