About us

Hola Pisos

Hola Pisos is a company specialising in property asset management which operates throughout the country.

We sell both main and second homes, as well as business premises, warehouses, parking spaces, storerooms and so on.

Our main area of activity is the marketing of finished new and second-hand properties, land management and property business.

Our values

Our main values include transparency with our customers throughout the purchasing process, a team spirit among our professionals working towards the same goal and close relationship with our customers reflected in comprehensive advice and excellence through our commitment and desire to provide a professional and distinctive service.

The success of Hola Pisos lies in our professionals’ commitment and work. We have employees with multi-disciplinary profiles and a far-reaching sales network, enabling us to provide our customers with a comprehensive consultancy service and accompany them throughout the process of buying or selling a property.


Hola Pisos is a digital platform that incorporates significant technological advances with the aim of simplifying the processes of buying and selling a property and optimising our customers’ online experience.

In this regard, digitalisation allows us to place our customers centre stage through initiatives such as online property bookings, enabling anyone to reserve a property via their computer or mobile phone.

Similarly, thanks to 3D and 360º technologies, we’ve implemented guided virtual tours conducted by our sales agents, permitting our customers to visit any property from anywhere.

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